Nouveau iDEA History

In 2002, while living in New York City, I had a vision to begin a new year contributing artistically to the community that had always provided useful and inspiring signs in my journey as an independent artist.

Nouveau IDEA (then New Indian Dimension in Entertainment & Arts) was born on that eve with merely a few like minded friends.

The mission of the Nouveau IDEA eGroup was to disseminate information, produce and promote Indians and “Indo-Ferang” (Non Resident Indians) artistic events. In addition to providing valuable resources and networking opportunities for Indian Artists living abroad, the eGroup was and still is an open forum for new ideas and different opinions related to arts & entertainment.

In 2009, we were 5,500 members and  in 2011, we were 7,000 members. Over 70,000 readers online that support networking beyond its original Indian roots and into the international community.

Observing the communication trends of Nouveau iDEA from 2002-2009, I’m honoured to say that, aside from having promoted our rich Indian heritage, we’ve become a community of culturally diverse artists! My 2010 resolution was to continue to welcome international artists to our forum and to expand our services to accommodate this tapestry of multiculturalism.

The Nouveau MISSION has therefore morphed into something much more universal; to promote artists of various cultures and to bring the arts and entertainment community together under a multicultural umbrella that celebrates our differences, encourages communication and continues to allow a diverse cross section of artists to flourish. As a result communities can integrate, appreciate and be inspired by artistic expression from around the world.

Our Guiding Principles:
– We recognize that it is only through inclusion that the arts and entertainment sector will continue to flourish.
– We respect the diversity of artistic expression.
– We encourage communication as it is the foundation to being understood and to understanding others.
– We believe in the transformational power of creative expression.

Before: Nouveau iDEA (New Indian Dimension in Entertainment & Arts)
N O W : Nouveau iDEA (New International Dimension in Entertainment & Arts)
Please join this group and contribute and benefit from the New International Dimension in Entertainment & Arts.

Sincerely yours,

Tushar Unadkat
Founder, Executive Director