Canadian Marketing Pro Wins Big: Tushar Unadkat Bags Three Major Awards in 2024!

Hat Trick International Awards

In a great start to 2024, Tushar Unadkat, a respected marketing expert from Canada, has won three big awards, showing off his fantastic work in the global creative industry. Unadkat’s Canadian and Gujarati roots have made him a celebrated leader in both regions. He speaks about his journey to success, which his heritage and intense […]

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The Real Reason Why Bollywood Directors Love English In Their Titles

Even if we haven’t noticed, we’ve seen them—the long-running trend of titling a Bollywood film with some English language flavor. You know what we mean: Jab We Met, 3 Idiots, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Goa Goa Gone, and more. What’s the reasoning behind this trend of Hinglish-influenced film titles? Our contributor, Tushar Unadkat, […]

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