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Canadian Marketing Pro Wins Big: Tushar Unadkat Bags Three Major Awards in 2024!

In a great start to 2024, Tushar Unadkat, a respected marketing expert from Canada, has won three big awards, showing off his fantastic work in the global creative industry. Unadkat’s Canadian and Gujarati roots have made him a celebrated leader in both regions. He speaks about his journey to success, which his heritage and intense passion deeply influenced.

His winning streak began when he got an email in December 2023 informing him about the LMP International Business Expo’s Award Ceremony, which honors Lohana professionals worldwide. On January 19, 2024, in Gujarat, he was awarded the International Artist of the Year Award. Just before that, on January 16, he received the Indian Diaspora Global Excellence Award for his outstanding writing at a conference in Delhi. Dr. Mafatbhai Patel, a famous figure from Gujarat, also honored him with two autographed books, recognizing his role as a writer and a prominent figure in Canada.

Hat Trick International Awards

Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat presenting the International Artist of the Year 2024 Award to Tushar Unadkat along with the president of LMP Satish Vithalani.

Indian Diaspora Global Excellence Award to Tushar Unadkat

Author Dr. Mafatbhai Patel and Dadhichi Thaker presenting a book to Tushar Unadkat

Feeling grateful and excited, Unadkat returned to India, where he was born, for the awards. He talks about what has driven his success and how his upbringing and experiences have shaped him. With a master’s in design from Scotland and an Honors Degree from England, he stresses the importance of continually learning and adapting in the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing. Unadkat’s ability to solve problems, lead effectively, and develop innovative ideas and his collaborative approach have earned him 26 international awards, including the BBC Asia Award and the ReelWorld Trailblazer.

He also shares a tough time from his early years in India when social expectations pushed him into studying science despite his true passion lying elsewhere. Facing challenges in subjects like organic chemistry and biology made him realize his true calling and helped him navigate his career path with determination.

Unadkat thanks his mentors, teams, and key individuals who have supported him. He explicitly mentions Dr. Vipin Mithia, Mr. Suresh Thakrar, Khusboo Kotecha, Melwyn Williams, and his mother for providing him with unwavering support. He sees these awards as a shared achievement with everyone who has been part of his journey, helping him grow personally and professionally. Hat Trick International Awards

As Unadkat looks ahead to the future, he’s grateful for the support around him and looks forward to more success. Winning three awards at the beginning of 2024 is a testament to his strong spirit, passion, and impact on the global creative scene, making him a source of pride for Gujarat and Canada.

For more information, you can visit www.tusharunadkat.com. Hat Trick International Awards