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Bestauranto announces an online photo contest. Make use of your BEST FOOD PHOTOS TO WIN $100 GOURMET GIFT BASKET delivered to your home. Your photo can be taken with your cell phone and simple contest rules are listed at the end of this PR.

Bestauranto is the brainchild of Diya Selva who upon finding out that her two favorite local restaurants are shutting down due to typical small business challenges, decided to provide pro bono marketing services to them.

Although both these restaurants in Mississauga were reluctant and skeptical about signing up for a free marketing term, they both did. And the result? Well, they are still operating to date and one is expanding and branching out. Seats quickly started warming up and tables filled with hot delicious meals, new diners discovered these restaurants, good reviews poured in, and soon, they were the talk of the town.

This happened before Bestauranto had a name. It then became a penchant. New restaurants were explored, marketing plans were discussed and currently, quite a few restaurants enjoy one on one counseling and marketing plans from Bestauranto.

At Bestauranto, the objective is to adopt a collaborative approach that incorporates visionary inputs of the creators of restaurants, with expertise and enormous experience of the marketing team, to turn dream brands into reality. Bestauranto creates with restaurant owners, a recognizable brand that connects with their customers and commands loyalty.

Ms. Selva understands the operational management of small businesses and restaurants inside out. She has accumulated the knowledge and experience to efficiently guide a restaurant entrepreneur to shape accurate figures, cut costs, and manage their finances and other resources. She tells Bestauranto customers to focus on creating their best food, and she’ll generate the hunger.” said journalist Katrina DiRaddo on Humber Insider Journal.

From brand creation, menu development to on-site training, Bestauranto helps restaurant teams with imbibing ideas and methodologies to keep operational costs manageable and implement strategies that will outsmart all the competition and generate more cash flow.

Employee training at restaurants should go beyond just “showing the new server the ropes”. Bestauranto offers small mom-and-pop restaurants a complete training package for servers and bus staff. Also, on their offer list employee management includes, hosting career fairs to explore talent, interviewing and hiring staff, staff scheduling, training and recognition programs.

Bestauranto came in at the right time when my restaurant had lost its luster among diners. Diya made it possible for me to focus on innovation and her fresh ideas and expertise gave me back my much-valued peace of mind and brought diners drooling back into the restaurant.” – Chef Charles Banate. Montreal.

Digital Marketing comprises Bestauranto’s greatest chunk of services. Creating a complete web presence by developing a professional website, creating logos and identities, creating and marketing “content” blogs, social media, and looping it all with email marketing is a complete package deal. Negotiations for Media Advertising and strategic advertising are also part of the arsenal. Targeted local marketing on social media by demographic denominations, ethnicity, and age groups has certainly boosted the revenue of a lot of restaurants and small businesses.

Bestauranto also dynamically offers event management as part of its extended package. Your event managing expert at Bestauranto has a roster and a powerful arsenal of tools to help organize details, prioritize communications, and keep events running smoothly. Several restaurants have awed their event guests so much that they now are opening doors to a new rustle of future clientele.

People walk into restaurants, people eat and people evaluate. Happy customers come back, unhappy customers certainly go on all review platforms and blacken the name of the restaurant they ate at. Digital defamation has brought many a restaurant down, so Bestauranto offers reputation management to use at advantage by distraught restaurant owners.

Foodies, would you like to see your favorite mom-and-pop neighborhood restaurant do better? Talk to the restaurant owner to contact Bestauranto and let’s help them grow.

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* Post a food or people enjoying photo on Bestauranto Facebook page
* Submit by March 31, 2020

* You must have copyrights for the photo you submit.
* Bestauranto reserves the right to reuse it for online marketing.
* Participants must be a resident of either Canada or the USA only.

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