Cover of the Book. Image credit: Debra Atlas

Difficult circumstances always offer us invaluable lessons: Debra Atlas

A review of Debra Atlas’s book ‘You Aren’t Depression’s Victim’ is given by Asha Bajaj, editorial director, publisher, and marketing of Canadian Media. 

In her book ‘You Aren’t Depression’s Victim,’ Debra Atlas empowers readers with uplifting messages and thought-provoking possibilities through her own experiences, pitfalls, and enlightenment.

Having lived through deep wells of depression in her life, Atlas learned to recognize the signs of oncoming depression and how to step back from its edge.

​This book helps readers recognize depression, offering tools to help them step back before it hits them. In addition, it provides a philosophical and psychological analysis of the devastating state of depression.

Atlas provides useful lessons on how to be grateful for the blessings in life and the importance of being kind and thoughtful to others in their times of need, all of which help ward off feelings of helplessness.

From childhood, Atlas felt like an odd person out with feelings of not being good enough and not belonging. From age 2, Atlas felt a deep sense of inadequacy and worthlessness. She kept her depression hidden from family and friends until she was 14 when she attempted suicide. As a result, family and friends never recognized the signs of her depression.

Through these revelations Debra raises awareness to the world community about the signs of depression.

When Atlas faced an overwhelming emotional crisis, a chance meeting with a therapist and the therapy that followed became a lifeline that opened the door to life-changing insights and tools that helped her gain clarity, confidence, and equilibrium. Through hard work, Atlas discovered that we have a choice not to be a victim of depression, which unfolded her path to living a balanced and fulfilled life. ​

The book inspires readers in the thought process that it is not what we get from the community, rather what we give to it that is more fulfilling. This book must be read by readers of all ages as it provides positive alternatives to not being victimized by depression.

The quotes from spiritual leaders prove how Atlas applied spirituality in her life to navigate the dark world of negativity to the brighter world of balance.

Atlas encourages readers to let go of shortcomings. Through her relations with family and friends, she unfolds the importance of being open to the advice and help of others which wards off loneliness, a leading cause of depression.

This book urges readers to shift their outlook as sometimes a change of perspective makes them aware of the miracles already in their lives.

‘You Aren’t Depression’s Victim’ reveals the importance of taking positive steps like enjoying nature and having regular workouts to enable readers to come out of the state of inaction during a depressive state. A change of scenario, change of actions, changes in thinking patterns, change in plans are all important factors towards stepping back from depression and finding balance in life

Pub Date: August 12, 2021                                           Page Count: 118
ISBN: 10: 1737047608                                                  Publisher: BookBaby
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