2023 Heritage Toronto Awards Winners

Five Heritage Toronto Awards Winners Winners — named from 46 nominees in three juried categories: Public History, Book, and Built Heritage — of the 2023 Heritage Toronto Awards were reportedly announced on Mon, Oct 30.

In addition, Heritage Toronto’s supporters and event attendees selected the People’s Choice Award winner from among the Public History nominees.

Also presented at the ceremony by the Heritage Toronto Board was the Volunteer Service Award to Erin Mackie in recognition of her many years of outstanding dedication to our charity.

Given below is the complete list of winners with their inspiring work:

2023 Book Award winner: Daniel Ross for her book, The Heart of Toronto: Corporate Power, Civic Activism, and the Remaking of Downtown Yonge Street, published by the University of British Columbia Press

2023 Public History Award Winner: Project Lead: Jay Pitter, Date of Release: June 9, 2022

This project implements a design for a Black cultural history and mapping process associated with the crecreatingural District of Little Jamaica.

2023 Crafts and Trades Award Winner: Property Owner: Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Precinct Properties Branch; Project Date of Completion: November 11, 2022

The North Wing of the Legislative Assembly Building, Queen’s Park, was added in 1909-1913 to the designs of architect GW Gouinlock. In the case of a significant heritage feature like the Coat of Arms, the aim was to conserve, protect, and extend the item’s life to survive in place as long as possible without significant replacement of original materials.

2023 Adaptive Reuse Award Winner: Property Owner: Toronto Public Library; Project Date of Completion: October 22, 2022

Heritage Toronto Awards Winners

The renewal of Albert Campbell District Library by LGA Architectural Partners using an adaptive reuse strategy transforms a 1970s modernist building into a contemporary, integrated hub for the community, solidifying Albert Campbell District Library as an ever-changing gathering place set to nourish the thriving community of Scarborough for years to come.

2023 Heritage Planning and Architecture Award Winner: Property Owner: Dream Office REIT, Project Date of Completion: May 12, 2022

Heritage Toronto Awards Winners

The restoration and renovation project at 80 Richmond involved completely restoring the building’s south, west, north, and east facades, carefully reinterpreting the original design, and undergoing interior renovations, including a boutique hotel-inspired lobby featuring heritage elements such as the mailbox.

2023 People’s Choice Award Winner: Project Lead: Colm Hogan; Date of Release: December 30, 2022

Heritage Toronto Awards Winners

Sketched Out: The Digitized Graffiti Series comprises two documentary films released on December 30, 2022, via YouTube. This project examines Toronto’s largely undocumented dance culture landscape and pays homage to two historically innovative.

This project seeks to preserve and illustrate their collective cultural and societal impact on Toronto through on-camera interviews with eyewitnesses and participants alongside archival footage and recorded sound from those eras. Heritage Toronto Awards Winners