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We focus on inspiring topics that motivate actions for positive and sustainable culture: Lillian & Dave Brummet

Toronto/Canadian-Media: Award-winning authors Lillian Brummet & her husband Dave Brummet are the team behind Brummet Media Group and have been writing since 1999, with each contributing to their talents; Dave’s editing formatting and graphic design, and Lillian’s research and marketing skills.

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director, Publisher, and Marketing of Canadian-Media (, had the privilege of learning about Brummet Media Group and their various contributions during an email discussion with them. 

Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Asha to Lillian and Dave: You both are prolific writers. What motivated you towards writing & blogging?

Lillian and Dave: Writing is a way to bring more value to the time we are given, honor people who have worked hard to make the world a better place & give readers tools to live a conscious & proactive lifestyle.
Asha to Lillian and Dave: What are the main themes chosen for your writing?

Lillian and Dave: Over the last 2.5 decades, we have written in many different genres, including book reviewer, product reviewer, blogger, columnist, freelancer, author & staff writer positions. We focus on topics that highlight inspiring topics that motivate actions, which lead toward a proactive, positive & sustainable culture.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: What are the book genres in which you write?

Lillian and Dave: All 6 of our current books are in the non-fiction genre. Trash Talk — It’s Easy To Be Green is a 2-book green-living series. Book 1 lists items commonly found in the trash or recycling bin in alphabetical order; it discusses facts, stats & alternatives like rentreuserepurposesreusesrecycles, & reconsider for each item. Book 2 goes a bit further re: water conservation, composting, energy saving tips & organic homes/offices. Towards Understanding is a collection of 120 non-fiction poems telling the story of a young girl on her own at 14, overcoming her nightmares & issues from the past & discovering that she does indeed have value & deserves to be loved. Rhythm & Rhyme is a collection of poems addressing the heavyweight of grief, the joy in music, celebrates nature & love. Finally, One Small Garden — Over 300 Nutritious Delicious Recipes is more than a healthy cookbook that focuses on fresh super-foods — it addresses other issues like food waste, plastic bottles & waste reduction, frugal menu planning, supporting local food producers & gardening. Scattered throughout its pages are tidbits of historical, nutritional, cultural & agricultural facts.


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Purple Snowflake Marketing – How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd is a step-by-step guidebook for the author to follow, helping them create frugal, effective marketing & business plans for each book they write.


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Asha to Lillian: You currently write articles about a wide array of things. Can you throw some light on these?

Lillian: As a freelance writer, I could delve into anything that interested me as long as there was a market for it; as an assignment writer, I’ve had to cover political and non-profit meetings, city hall open-mic nights, or do write-ups on events. I wrote the Trash Talk column for many years, which was about reducing waste while saving money. As an author and business owner, I’ve written a few hundred informative articles that entice readers to visit the URL in our bio. These are very useful for networking & promotional purposes; they are utilized by anyone who needs free content for their publication.


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Asha to Lillian and Dave: You have done great work in the field of the environment. Have you written books specifically about the environment?

Lillian and Dave: Thank you – living green is a passion of mine. Every book has an environmental slant, actually. The Trash Talk series is where we have done the most work for the environment, however. This began as a column back in 1999 that was picked up internationally. It was published into a book in 2004 & then evolved into a 2-book series in 2012. Too often, we are hit with all that is wrong in the world, forcing us into a state of overwhelm that evolves into apathy… it is just too much to deal with, process, or accept. So we ignore it, pretend it isn’t there & hope it goes away. This book series helps end the apathy. It shows that the smallest effort has a measurable impact on the community, their own budget & the health of the environment.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: Besides your website, where else can your publications be found?

Lillian and Dave: All of our books are on Amazon; that is the best place people can find it because it is international.

To find us elsewhere:

Asha to Lillian and Dave: Tell us more about AngleHill Studios? What motivated you to do that?

Lillian and Dave: Dave has been a professional studio & live drummer/percussionist since the late ’80s & has been teaching others since ’98. He’s a tinkering kind of guy — he’s always building, fixing, maintaining, or inventing something. When we located this home & re-launched our business under Brummet Media Group’s umbrella, we incorporated Dave’s former teaching & repair business.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: What is the main objective of this studio?

Lillian and Dave: Dave has a real passion for passing on his industry knowledge to other musicians. He gets so excited when his students achieve something; he enjoys watching them blossom as drummers & gain confidence. He has the studio set up to run a YouTube channel, create promotional videos, instrument & musical product reviews, photoshoots & pretty much anything we need to do for the future of our business.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: Have you received any awards?

Lillian and Dave: Yes, the one I am most proud of was for “outstanding use of various media in ongoing outreach work to reduce waste in our environment” by the Recycling Council of British Columbia. Our work has also been recognized as Community Heroes by the LiveSmart BC program. Seeds of Diversity awarded us with a Certificate of Appreciation for various volunteer & financial contributions. The Boundary Family Read (Columbia Basin Alliance For Literacy) presented us with a certificate of appreciation for ours. We also attained Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry twice.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: What is your plan for the future development of the business?

Lillian and Dave: When the current book release promotions slow down this fall, we plan on releasing a trilogy in tribute to Dave’s deceased father’s collection of poetry, short stories & photography. Following this, there is a backyard garden manuscript & a short story collection waiting for our attention. We plan to open an e-commerce store to sell Dave’s drum & percussion accessories outside of writing.